Bring you app to life – A very simple guide to animated buttons and backgrounds

Hey !

I know its been a while, I am qui busy at Moment Factory right now.  Those guys are geniuses.  Anyway, I wanted to share with you, if you don’t already know it, how to animate anything that uses a UIImage aka. UIImageView, UIButton, etc…

To create an animated UIImage, include in you project a folder that contains your animation with a PNG for each frame.  The files needs to be named like this:

  • WhatEverNameYouWant-1
  • WhatEverNameYouWant-2
  • WhatEverNameYouWant-3
  • WhatEverNameYouWant-4

I strongly recommend not to include these in an asset file, if you try you’ll quickly understand why.

Then you create a UIImage :

You can the use it with a UIButton like you would with any other UIImage :

That’s it !  Have fun animating you apps !!